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Orbitsymposium 2020

4th International Orbital Society Symposium
in conjunction with the 17th Samsung Oculoplastic Symposium
December 2(Fri.) - 3(Sat.), 2022
Conrad Hotel, Seoul,Korea

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About Conference

*Please note the schedule is subject to change.

08:00-08:50 Rapid fire 1
David Jordan (Canada) Essam Eltoukhy (Egypt) Mi Seon Kwak (Korea)
09:20-10:45 On the basis of orbit
Lay Leng Seah (Singapore) Robert C Kersten (USA) Tae Soo Lee (Korea)
09:20-09:30 Skeletal orbital anatomy Jennifer Sivak-callcott (USA)
09:30-09:40 Soft tissue anatomy of the orbit Hirohiko Kakizaki (Japan)
09:40-09:50 Diffusion-weighted image for orbital tumors Hyung Jin Kim (Korea)
09:50-10:00 The treasury of an orbital biopsy Ilse Mombaerts (Belgium)
10:00-10:10 Pathology of unusual malignant lacrimal gland tumors Steffen Heegaard (Denmark)
10:10-10:20 Optimal indication of proton beam therapy Yong Chan Ahn (Korea)
10:20-10:30 Gamma knife radiosurgery for orbital apical lesions Ho Jun Seol (Korea)
10:30-10:40 The current use of radiation therapy for orbital tumors and inflammatory diseases Dongryul Oh (Korea)
10:40-10:45 Discussion
11:00-12:25 Orbital tumors 1
Naresh Joshi (UK) Timothy Sullivan (Austrailia) Jae Woo Jang (Korea)
11:00-11:10 Infantile hemangiomas: Update Tammy Osaki (Brazil)
11:10-11:20 Cavernous hemangioma vs solitary fibrous tumor: How diffusion weighted imaging may solve this diagnosing dilemma Pete Setabutr (USA)
11:20-11:30 Management of cavernous hemangioma Yoon-Duck Kim (Korea)
11:30-11:40 Management challenges on intraosseous orbital cavernous hemangioma Kasturi Bhattacharjee (India)
11:40-11:50 TBD
11:50-12:00 Multimodal management of distensible venous malformations Daniel B Rootman (USA)
12:00-12:10 Medications used to treat vascular anomalies Aaron Fay (USA)
12:10-12:20 Long-term follow-up of the orbital varix treated with glue embolization Honglei Liu (China)
12:20-12:25 Discussion
13:30-14:45 Pearls in orbital surgery
James A Garrity (USA) Reynaldo Javate (Philippines) Sang-Duck Kim (Korea)
13:30-13:40 Surgical approach to the orbit Hunter K L Yuen (Hong Kong)
13:40-13:50 Practical pearls for orbital surgery Kimberly Cockerham (USA)
13:50-14:00 Revision surgery in orbital tumors: Lessons learnt Gangadhara Sundar (Singapore)
14:00-14:10 Bad days: Lessons I have learned from my worst complications Robert A Goldberg (USA)
14:10-14:20 Salvage of immediate post-operative no-light-perception after orbital surgery Louise A Mawn (USA)
14:20-14:30 Management of post-enucleation socket syndrome Peter J Dolman (Canada)
14:30-14:40 Orbital and socket reconstruction after exenteration Dongmei Li (China)
14:40-14:45 Discussion
14:45-15:50 Orbital trauma
Alan A McNab (Australia) Michael Kazim (USA) Sehyun Baek (Korea)
14:45-14:55 The white-eyed blow-out fracture: One you don’t want to miss David Jordan (Canada)
14:55-15:05 Tips on complex orbital reconstruction Don O Kikkawa (USA)
15:05-15:15 Naso-orbito-ethmoid and medial wall fractures Ashok K Grover (India)
15:15-15:25 Tips and tricks for preventing and managing complications in orbital fracture repair Nattawut Wanumkarng (Thailand)
15:25-15:35 Managing the patient with a suspected orbital foreign body Richard Hart (New Zealand)
15:35-15:45 Orbital complications of cosmetic injectables Angelo Tsirbas (Australia)
15:45-15:50 Discussion
16:05-17:30 Malignant orbital tumors
Peerooz Saeed (Netherlands) Santosh G Honavar (India) Seong-Wook Seo (Korea)
16:05-16:15 Decision trees in management of orbital malignancy – towards a logical approach to these tumours Geoffrey Rose (UK)
16:15-16:25 Lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma and malignant epithelial tumours: Clinical and imaging differences Stephanie Ming Young (Singapore)
16:25-16:35 Considerations for the treatment of carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenoma James A Garrity (USA)
16:35-16:45 Malignant lacrimal sac tumors: Diagnosis and management Chieh-Chih Tsai (Taiwan)
16:45-16:55 Orbital sarcomas Bita Esmaeli (USA)
16:55-17:05 Orbital lymphoma: Update Hokyung Choung (Korea)
17:05-17:15 Five concepts of periocular non-Hodgkin lymphoma Jurij R Bilyk (USA)
17:15-17:25 Watering eyes after treatment of mid-face and nasal cancer Jane Olver (UK)
17:25-17:30 Discussion
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